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Customer support through text messaging is a new and vital approach towards garnering a better relationship with customers. Old mediums of communication, such as direct phone calls, are out of date, and are inefficient at establishing a better rapport with customers. Text messaging is beneficial for several reasons: It cuts labour costs, organizes the database of client information, and at the same time, offers customers a wider range of content and information.

Customer support through text messaging is not simply a creative approach in fortifying the relationship with customers, it is an essential means of communication. Unlike phone calls, it is more client centric because it establishes the sense of importance between the customer and the service they are seeking. A sense of priority is key in the realm of customer support. As outlined below, text messaging as a form of communication is both beneficial to the support desk, and to the customers being served.


In the realm of marketing, the client’s’ information is vital, therefore, appropriate recordkeeping is essential when collecting a customer’s data. Customer support through text messaging allows for a more organized approach of recordkeeping to take place. When information is properly organized it can be utilized more efficiently to improve the quality of products and services. Coincided with excellent customer support, proper recordkeeping increases the customer’s satisfaction because it enhances the development of the customer’s experience.

Text messaging as a means of communication is a more efficient approach towards keeping a record on specific clientele. This is an essential strategy in prioritizing your clientele and establishing a better rapport.


Giving support via phone calls has its limits. Support representatives can only speak to one customer at a time, and at the cost of keeping other customers on hold. The longer the customer waits, the less important they will feel in the relationship with the service they seek. Communication through text messaging, on the other hand, expands that outreach, while also making sure that the customer feels valued and important. By incorporating text messaging as a way of communication into the customer’s experience, it utilizes time more efficiently by providing more support to a larger array of customers, while at the same time, respecting their patience by making them feel valued.

Communication through the use of text messaging is an effective approach towards saving time, avoiding long waits, decreasing the costs of labour, while making the customer feel more appreciated. Text messaging is not simply a modern form of multitasking, it’s an excellent strategy at developing a relationship with the customer because it makes them feel a priority.

Specific Content

Text messaging expands the means of communication because it opens up more mediums of dialogue and content. Through text messaging, customers are now exposed to more outlets to receive information from. Be it URLs, PDF links, downloadable information, apps, or even images, text messaging allows customers to have a wider range of opportunities to come into contact with the content and information that they seek.


Customer support is an equation of both time and convenience. The longer the time, the less convenient the customer support will be. Keeping customers on hold not only irritates clientele, it creates tension between the support desk and the clients who are irritated for waiting so long. Text messaging, by contrast, transcends the old hassles that were confined by phone calls. Instead of waiting, customers can text, and at the same time feel valued and important.

Stop testing the customer’s patience and make them feel valued! Incorporate text messaging into your customer support strategy today.

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