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The competitive landscape in North America has changed. Rapid development of IP-based text messaging technology has opened a unique window of opportunity for small and medium businesses. Do you want to expand your sales? Improve customer loyalty? Engage your offline audience? All of this can now be accomplished by small and medium-sized businesses through technology accessible on nearly 100% of mobile devices. If you are looking for ways to enable messaging technology for your current business systems, we can design custom solutions for your specific needs.

P2P Messaging

Person to Person messaging (P2P) is defined as two-way SMS or MMS messaging. Examples of P2P include anonymous conversations between two users, surveys and group messaging. For over 5 years, we have built P2P applications to create highly efficient solutions for customers and business enterprises. Our flexible P2P messaging platform powers buy ivermectin online, our cutting-edge system that is ready to run your P2P marketing campaigns and provide customer support. We can create and automate any custom interactive conversations you need to drive your business forward.

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Industry Applications

Person to Person (P2P) and Application to Person (A2P) messaging applications are widely used to power marketing, customer service and industrial solutions across many industries. These messaging solutions offer a cost-effective method to create intelligent automated conversations between machines and people. The results include process optimization, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Food & Hospitality

Coupons, surveys, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns

Financial Services

Transaction alerts, notifications, reminders, customer support

Real Estate

Sales quotes, invitations, appointment reminders, customer support


Smart meter notifications, payment reminders, alerts, emergency messaging


Coupons, in-store promotions, loyalty programs, customer surveys


Shift management, asset tracking, emergency group messaging, alerts

A2P Messaging

Application to Person, or A2P, messaging is one-way SMS to which recipients are not expected to reply. A2P messaging includes, but is not limited to, marketing messages, appointment reminders, notifications and pin codes. These restrictions can have delivery complications that customers should be aware of, such as message filtering by recipient carriers or delayed message delivery. Nevertheless, thanks to our expertise and our connections to all major operators across the globe, whatever your scenario is, we can always find a way to deliver the best solution.

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We’re a different kind of company

We’re here to share our knowledge with our peers. It doesn’t matter if we do business together or not. If you need advice or answers for an issue or project, you can get an expert opinion at no charge from your Canadian messaging experts. Feel free to contact us today for no-obligation assistance with your project. We’re just a phone call away.

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Picture Messaging (MMS)

Picture Messaging or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones over a cellular network. Unlike text-only SMS, MMS can deliver a variety of media, including up to forty seconds of video, one image, a slideshow of multiple images, or audio. We have unleashed the power of MMS to create new applications for your products or services. The marketing potential is nearly limitless, with picture-based coupons, entry tickets, trivia questions and more sent straight to your customer’s mobile phone.

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