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Why use text messaging for audience engagement?

With new technologies constantly emerging, we can easily overlook the advantages of old ones. Text messaging is a grassroots technology that has been around for decades and is already adopted by almost 97% of population everywhere. So why not find creative uses for it?

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By 97% of consumers anywhere


readily on every mobile device

Easy & Quick

interaction with participants

No Apps

to download by audience

No Barriers

for consumers to participate


survey large audiences at the same time

Survey any sized audience, anywhere

Do you want feedback from a large audience? Do you want to ensure maximum participation and view results live? You could buy and distribute expensive voting hardware. You could try asking everyone to download a voting app. You could ask your audience to go to a website to complete a survey. Or…you could make it fun and engaging and guarantee greater audience participation. How is this possible? To answer this question, answer the following:

What is the only technology that is 99.9% enabled on every mobile phone and is adopted by 97% of mobile phone users worldwide?

100% Enabled. No Apps.

Asking your audience to download an app to vote greatly reduces the number of participants. It creates too many obstacles – they may not know how to download it; it takes time; they might not be able to find it – it’s too complicated. Text messaging is already enabled by default on all mobile phones. Everyone already knows how to text, and everyone already does. Using this method, you allow our audience to instantly participate. You also avoid compatibility issues across mobile brands and all generations of phones. You tap into a tool that everyone can use on every phone.

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Engaging. Short. Fun.

No more long, boring surveys! Of course, you can try to engage your audience by asking them to go to a website or download an app to complete a survey. You could try to find some other enticing method to boost participation. Or, you can offer your audience our solution, which makes taking a survey like playing a game. You ask. They answer. Repeat. It’s no longer a boring survey. It’s an entirely new gamification experience. Every feedback request is now a personal text messaging conversation with you and your brand. Because consumers believe that texting is very personal, this method creates a personal touch, brings your audience closer and establishes trust.

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Instant Setup. Instant Interaction.

Our interface is so intuitive and easy to set up, you can create a multi-question survey in under 5 minutes. Last-minute surveys or adding trivia questions during your event can be done in a snap. Launching it for live audiences of up to 10,000 happens with a mouse click. Powered by one of the country’s best telecom networks, with partners in Canada and the United States, your messages are instantly delivered to your audience, and feedback is recorded immediately.

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Simple Analytics. Complex Reports.

Instantly view snapshots of results with detailed and flexible graphic charts generated with each survey. Show results live to your audience. Download detailed spreadsheet reports compete with additional data for further in-depth analytics. Whatever you need, it’s all at your fingertips, easily accessible to you.

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