NFC Technology

Businesses have employed NFC technology for payment solutions, tap-to-pay applications and smart-posters. This was just the beginning. We are constantly exploring new uses and creating more applications for NFC beyond these traditional methods. As we couple this technology with others such as messaging and voice communications, we generate ways to make life (and marketing) easier. This unique technology is highly cost-efficient, maintenance-free and extremely easy to use. For customers, it’s a breeze, as they simply tap to engage. This makes NFC technology a top choice in many industries for a wide range of solutions.

What is Near Field Communication (NFC)?

Near Field Communication technology is growing in use each day through NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even gaming consoles. It enables easy connections, simple data sharing and quick transactions with a single touch. This is accomplished through two-way interactions between electronic devices. With NFC, a user can simply hold a device up to another to access digital content, make a payment, or share information. It can also be used to connect two devices, such as a phone and a stereo, or two gaming systems. NFC uses are ever-expanding to near-limitless possibilities.

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Asset/Employee Management

Do you need to track valuable assets? Manage mobile employees? Manage time? Pinpoint a geolocation? NFC does all this and more, and completes these tasks with two distinct advantages. First, because NFC requires very close proximity to work, it can be used as proof of physical presence. Second, NFC tags are virtually maintenance free once attached, as they don’t require power or connectivity. It’s effective and simple – a win-win.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Marketing/Customer Engagement

When customer engagement is crucial to your business, your most valuable currency is the audience that comes back. Applying NFC technology, marketers can engage customers to ensure they return. NFC offers consumers a simple tap to perform multiple actions, making initiation and engagement easy and desirable. This behind-the-scenes technology is available on billions of mobile devices worldwide, waiting to be tapped by marketers. From card-less loyalty programs to interactive ads, countless NFC possibilities await.

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Integrated Loyalty Solutions

Today’s consumer is overwhelmed with loyalty programs. Every store, restaurant and entertainment venue asks them to carry a card or download an app. What happens when they come to your business? They forgot your card, lost it or never had one. They receive no reward points, and their satisfaction with your company drops. NFC allows you to avoid this scenario. Using this technology, we can design solutions for seamless loyalty programs that result in high customer conversion and satisfied consumers.

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