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We create engaging mobile marketing campaigns

We find simple and effective ways to reach diverse audiences, engage and nurture prospects and turn them into real customers by providing solutions to these three issues:

  • Where and how to reach consumers?
  • How to engage with them using the latest technology?
  • How to increase their share of consumer activity?

Whether you want to run a mobile marketing campaign or interested to learn and adopt the best SMS Marketing practices – feel free to give your Toronto SMS Marketing Service company a call for a free advice.

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young man sitting in front of the computer

Other Services

Since 2010, we have continuously delivered top-shelf services and state-of-the art solutions to produce the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

We make your business dreams a reality. By customizing our favorite telecommunication technology ingredients we create business solutions of any complexity.

Technology Consulting

Are you unsure how to best use new technology to your benefit? We partner with you to develop the most effective methods for every aspect of your business needs.

Training and Support

We know the successful application of new technology hinges on employees’ ability to implement it. To ensure the smooth integration of your new business solutions, we offer custom employee trainings and support.

Our process

Every project and every customer is unique. Our five-step SPECS process and experience ensures the success of each project and satisfaction of every client.

Step 1: System Analysis

We begin with a thorough analysis of the existing systems and processes to gain a clear understanding of your business requirements. Analysis includes identification of system limitations, weaknesses, and critical aspects to propose the best options for the project. If you are unsure which technology will be most beneficial for your project, we will partner with you to identify the best building blocks for success.

Step 2: Pilot Studies

Challenging projects often have many unknown variables which cause uncertainty about success. Implementing new technologies such as SMS to project arenas with no previous similar applications can be especially challenging. To overcome these challenges, we conduct feasibility studies and limited test and pilot runs. Through this process, we identify potential roadblocks, set parameters for the best outcome, and boost the success of your project.

Step 3: Project Management and Consulting

As we complete project analysis and implementation, you can be confident in the extensive experience brought to the table. Our professional staff has over 50 years of combined experience, guaranteeing delivery of premier services based on practiced skills and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Pooling these vast experiential resources, we offer consulting services in all areas of voice, web, SMS, MMS and NFC.

Step 4: Customized Solutions

We specialize in enterpise level custom telecom technology solutions. Once your needs are identified, we develop solutions that integrate the best technology for your project, including web and mobile applications, voice, text, multimedia and NFC. Our enterprising solutions achieve seamless functioning as we incorporate new technology with existing software.

Step 5: Long-term Support

Our goal is the long-term success of your project. To ensure this, we provide post implementation services. On-going training, system support, and maintenance are all important aspects of our final step – providing follow-through services to further your project’s achievements. We can also host your project on high availability networks. Our flexible contracts demonstrate our confidence in standing behind the solutions we deliver.

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