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Meet the team

Meet the realiable partner behind your new marketing and messaging communications

Founded by a talented team of telecom whizzes, software developers and engineers schooled by the world’s leading carriers, TTAG Systems’ team brings its core telecom technology experience to the creation of a wide range of consumer and enterprise solutions.

TTAG Systems was formed in 2011 as a Toronto-based global wholesale voice and SMS carrier. Our long-distance retail platform – buy ivermectin online in u.k – was launched in 2012 and aimed at Canada’s large ethnic market for one-touch dialing overseas from any phone using locally assigned numbers.

In continuing to work our magic using Voice + Text + Multimedia Messaging + Web technology in ever more ambitious applications aimed at enhancing our enterprise level offerings, we have created buy ivermectin for humansTM – our mobile marketing and enterprise solutions.

We are convinced, and you will be, too, that we at TTAG Systems answer what up until now has been a clearly unmet demand for a robust, customizable, easy-to-use and access mobile marketing platform.

Partners and Customers

Our partners and customers comprise many of North America’s best-known enterprises, mobile operators, advertising agencies, financial institutions, and a large number of other industries looking for simplicity, reliability and great service.​

Building trust

Trust is vital to our relationships with our customers – business or consumer. Trust we’ve earned over many years of providing honest and reliable services and effective business solutions, comes from being focused on your needs and ambitions.

After every project, we conduct individual customer satisfaction interviews where we understand how well we have been doing and if we met the expectations. These interviews help us to identify improvement areas and consider our customers’ future strategic priorities and the things most important to them.

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