Text to call solution for ttag

ttag, a Canadian long distance calling service provider needed a way to help its customers call their friends and loved ones abroad in a simple, effective, and inexpensive way. We helped them provide a better long distance calling service by making every international call much easier.

With our help, ttagTM was able to provide outstanding value added services to its Canadian clients by enabling a text-to-call feature. Customers just need to remember one simple phone number: (647) 800-0000. When they text this number, they’ll have the option to instantly connect to any phone number in the world. Customers don’t need to download an app, connect to the internet, or buy a calling  card. It’s all very simple:

Step 1: Costumers just register their Canadian phone number with ttagTM and punch in the easy to remember number: (647) 800-0000.

Step 2: After sending a text to the above number, the customer will receive a response asking them to provide the international number they want to reach.

Step 3: After texting the name and the number the customer wants to call—whether in London, Lima, or Lahore—the system generates a local number—a ttagTM—for the customer.

Step 4: The customer uses the ttagTM to instantly reach the international phone number they provided. That’s what it means to make a long distance call ridiculously easy.

The test-to-call solution we provided to ttagTM allows its customers to call destinations around the world without messing around with logins, apps, pin codes, calling cards, or anything else. They simply use the local number they are provided, and the call goes through.

Extra Features

Also, ttag’s text-to-call solution comes with voice information feature. Customers can call the (647) 800-0000 and get detailed instructions on how to use it. Also, customers can get more info by simply texting “H” to the number. Also, after receiving the local phone number to make international calls, customers receive information regarding the referral bonus program and link to the website where they can set up and customize their account.

ttagTM added its own touches to the solution we provided. After registering, customers get a free $2.00 credit good for up to 133 minutes of long distance calling. Plus, the company offers its customers a way to make long distance calls without any hidden fees, contracts, or commitments. It’s all prepaid and the customer is in total control.

It Makes Customers Happy

A lot of customers don’t have regular access to the internet. The solution requires nothing more than a Canadian phone number. Plus, the feature we provided allows customers to make calls without putting their contacts into their ttagTM account. TTAG’s system also has a feature to automatically store provided the ttagTM in the customer’s phone, making their life a lot easier.

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