Enjoy secure and reliable API integration to instantly add messaging capability to any application or website across Canada and the United States at unbeatable messaging rates and great deliverability.



A stand-alone, cloud based web application to enable your contact center staff to start messaging your customers in minutes, via your SMS-enabled toll-free or business phone numbers.



Achieve faster time-to-market and immense savings with a customized solution tailored to your needs. We can add messaging to any existing contact center software, CRM or helpdesk application.

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With the majority of consumers are communicating via text, adding this communication channel is no longer a luxury but a business essential.

  • Achieve customer convenience and competitive advantage by interacting with customers through two-way, conversational text messaging.
  • Receive exactly what you need to start texting with your customers, from customized solutions, to existing-system integration, to an out-of-the-box stand-alone solution.
  • Get started within 24-hours by text-enabling your existing toll-free and business phone numbers.
  • Enjoy fast, reliable customer communication with our secure, enterprise-grade connections that link you anywhere in North America and around the globe.

Add texting to your existing office and 1-800 numbers – the numbers your customers already know. Want more information about our effective solution? Why not text us and see how it works right now?

Text us at (844) 771-TTAG (8824). See how it works.



With rapid technological developments, customers have new applications at their fingertips each day. It is essential to apply the tech they are using to successfully keep communication lines open. Many businesses are not, due to the following common misconceptions about the use of SMS applications.

  • Messaging is spam. Customers won’t like it.

    This is true – if you slam your customers with one-way conversations promoting your products without permission. But, what if your customers want to ask you a quick question via text, but you can’t answer because your system doesn’t have that capacity?

  • It’s old technology.

    It is old, but certainly not outdated. Over 97% of people use it to communicate with their peers every day. This “old” technology offers the advantage of being well-established, with nearly everyone knowing how to use it and requiring no preconditions (such as apps).

  • Messaging can be expensive.

    Not anymore! Messaging used to be the privilege of large corporations due to its high cost. With today’s developing technologies, text messaging is now available to any SME at competitive rates. Check out this article to learn more.

  • We don’t have time, information and resources to implement and maintain.

    We do! TTAG Systems can integrate messaging systems into your existing helpdesk or POS and provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep costs low.

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Unbeatable Pricing. Carrier Grade Quality

For over six years, we have been delivering trusted products, services and world-class communication solutions to consumers and businesses across North America. Our unbeatable pricing at wholesale level coupled with allows us to work within your budget to provide top-quality products and services at low operating cost.

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Enhance your business phone lines with text

We can enable text messaging on any existing landline or toll-free number, usually within 48 hours without a need to change your current provider or system. Add two-way interactive messaging capability and surprise your customers with added convenience.

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Business Opportunities: The Text Is What’s Next

Texting is no longer just a way to send silly emojis to your BFF. This technology is now coming into its own in the business world. Companies who harness this communication tool are building strong customer connections that drive their business to new success.

of people

would like to have offers sent to them via text
– Digital Marketing Magazine


aged 18-34 are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability.
– Harris Poll


would prefer texting customer support over their current preferred form of communication.
– eWeek