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Text messaging is everywhere. We use it for everyday tasks like keeping up with our relatives overseas to making doctor appointments. It’s easy, effective, and inexpensive. No wonder businesses, as well as individuals, are starting to use text messaging for more of their day-to-day operations.

But as a business owner, you may not know how to use text messaging better serve their customers and strengthen their bottom line. These real-life examples of business texting success provide useful case studies.

Live Audience Engagement

If your business requires you to give presentations in front of clients, customers, or colleagues, you know the importance of getting everyone involved. One organization, the Direct Marketing Association of Canada (DMAC), achieved that goal with business texting.

DMAC used an SMS solution for live presentations: presenters would put survey questions on the big screen, and audience members could answer via SMS messages.

This business texting solution helped DMAC get their audience involved during live events. This increased the amount of feedback they received, so they could better serve their members. Plus, it was relatively easy and inexpensive to implement.

Messaging-based Mobile POS

ttagTM, a one-touch calling card replacement solution, used business texting to better connect with customers. Many of ttag’s customers don’t regularly use an internet connection, and the company was looking for a way to engage with them that didn’t require them to log on.

That’s why they introduced their mobile agent program, a system of SMS-based sales points. The system allows customers to top-up their mobile phones simply by sending a text message.

ttag’s mobile agent has been great for customers who are wary about making online payments or using credit cards, and it helped the company increase revenue by building a network of low-cost, mobile sales points.

Account Management

Your business probably serves customers by having them create a customer account. This may be an online or app-based account. TTAG decided they could best serve their clients by creating an SMS-based, web-free, app-free customer account management system.

ttag’s business texting solution integrated both web and texting platforms, making it possible for customers to manage their accounts online or through simple text messaging.

Now, customers can check their mobile phone balance by sending a simple text message. Plus, it made calling easier for customers without internet access.

Gathering Employee Opinion

A good manager keeps up with the suggestions and needs of their employees. Business texting can make that easier. One of our customers replaced its existing survey hardware for a text message-based survey system.

The company’s employees were able to answer internal survey questions by SMS, a faster, more convenient way of providing feedback. By knowing more about their employees, ownership could better run the company.

What’s more, shifting to an SMS system saved time and was less expensive; the cost of hardware maintenance disappeared entirely.

Late Payments SMS Reminder

Sometimes you need to get simple information to customers as quickly as possible. VMEDIA, a telecoms company, was able to do just that by implementing a text messaging system to remind customers about payment due dates.

Customers would receive a simple text message a few days before their payment was due. This reminder reduced the number of late payments, which was good for both the company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction. Plus, it was easy and inexpensive. All it required was to ask customers to “opt-in” to receiving the text messages.

We help small and medium size businesses to enhance their communication channels. Contact your Toronto SMS Marketing experts today and add business texting to your marketing and communications toolbox.

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