Adapting to new marketing channels
avatarBy Vahagn Aydinyan

There are always some growing pains when jumping to a new platform, but marketers make sure to minimize the mistakes. There’s too much at stake to stay stuck in the adjustment period. We recognize that customers have preferences about their social media platforms, live streaming apps and text messaging habits, and it makes sense to reach them on their terms. Some customers are only on a select few platforms, so it’s essential that our methods be all-encompassing.

The reason we want to leverage a new channel is for what it offers for the customer and the marketer. It changes the game up with a specific type of communication. Live streaming apps like Snapchat and Instagram keep customers and fans informed as exciting events happen; keeping them close to the action even if they can’t physically be there. Text messaging offers a quick and casual form of communication that helps customers feel connected since they mostly reserve texting for family and friends. Tailoring a message to a certain platform is a necessary challenge to bring out fresh marketing and show the customer that their loyalty isn’t misplaced.

Furthermore. Adapting to emerging marketing and communications channels can draw in a wider demographic than your current customer base. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram are particularly ideal for attracting a younger crowd, while older generations might still be fond of current channels. A big part of success is the cleverly targeted marketing that makes the difference. Age isn’t the only demographic factor, so get creative about who you target. As long as your message projects the image of your brand and makes it accessible for a new demographic, the limits you have are your own.

Also, by using multiple marketing channels, especially diverse ones like Snapchat, email and text messaging, you offer customers a choice to suit their preference. You can adapt your marketing to them, and create a better experience that customers can engage in happily. With new software solutions, you can tailor your brand and customer experience to meet specific customer needs. Whether it’s real-time response or coupons for what your customers love or just more brand-to-customer interaction, marketing solutions exist to meet these needs on a wider scale that business can use effectively.

Jumping on the new trend bandwagon is something to look forward to. You can use a new medium to show off your brand in a fresh way, engage with consumers and even play a little with competitors. Customers love to see their favourite brands on their social media and you can remind them exactly why they’ve chosen to follow you. As far as innovations go, it’s a great way to give your customer what they want while getting valuable feedback from them as they engage with your business.

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