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In case you didn’t get the memo, mobile devices are rapidly becoming the prime medium for communicating with current and potential customers. Traditional advertising mediums like billboards, TV spots, and even email messaging are overly costly and becoming increasingly ineffective when mobile-targeted content is missing.

If you still have doubts that text message marketing is the right strategy for your business, the below statistics just might change your mind.

66 percent of smartphone users have used their phones to verify something they saw in a TV commercial.

This interesting fact from Google demonstrates how often we use our phones. The fact that so many people use their phones to search for information about products and services creates opportunities for marketers to use mobile/Internet features as engagement points.

For instance, providing your audience with a ‘text to get a link for more info’ call-to-action is a great way to engage potential customers with the perfect link to comparisons, reviews and purchasing options. Better engagement means more conversions.

According to HubSpot, 44 percent of consumers want to receive coupons and deals on their mobile devices, especially when those coupons are timely and relevant.

Using coupons to generate sales is a time-honored strategy. However, the advent of new technologies and engagement tools are making the use of coupons even more relevant. There are also many more exciting ways to use them.

Enter mobile. When nearly half of all consumers prefer to receive coupons on their mobile devices, we can take it as an indicator that physical coupons are set to disappear in the not-so-distant future.

This is a trend that can be capitalized on by both Internet and text message markers. We now know that a large portion of mobile users are open to receiving coupons. The key, then, is getting them to opt-in to receiving text message communications. That’s where a good engagement strategy can do wonders.

The average person checks the phone 85 times per day.

Whether your business is an apparel store, grocery store, or laundry, keeping your customers informed about products or services by engaging with their mobile device is a great idea. Considering that people check their phones nearly 100 times per day, the opportunities are limitless.

This statistic shows that people love to receive notifications, messages, and texts to their phones. Why not fulfill that need with information about your company’s products and services?

Consider the following example. Rebecca Minkoff’s clothing boutique is a “connected store” that uses communications technology to make its clients’ experience as pleasant as possible.

Interactive touch screens and NFC-enabled merchandise allow shoppers to easily request inventory in their desired size and color, as well as read ratings and reviews before they make a purchase. Customers can seamlessly integrate their mobile device with the store’s communications system, thereby accessing all the information they want at the swipe of a screen.

Connected stores like Minkoff’s also optimise the client’s time. In-store systems hold the shopper’s place in a fitting room queue and alert them via text message when the nearest changing room is open.

How’s this for rapid response? 35 percent of business professionals can’t go 10 minutes without responding to a text.

Now that texting has come to occupy a significant space in our lives, it definitely must be the focus of marketers. Text message marketing is the perfect channel for engaging customers in real-time and providing fresh, relevant product messaging.

Marketers are spending a noticeable amount of resources to build email lists. That’s fine, but a more efficient (and effective) strategy is to start gathering phone numbers and consent to receive text message communications.

Marketers can then contact potential customers via text, something that’s been proven to get more (and faster) responses.

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