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Quick and convenient SMS surveys let you gather data from customers, employees, or anyone else with a text-enabled mobile device. Text message surveys allow boosting response rates through clear and short questions as well as with customer incentives for survey completion. Here is a short DIY guide to create an SMS survey campaign in few easy steps.

STEP 1: Login to Your Account

Login to your account, click ‘Create Campaign’ on upper right corner of the dashboard and select ‘Survey’ from the dropdown menu.

SMS Marketing platform guide screenshot, create campaign button highlight

STEP 2: Setup Your Survey Campaign

Restaurant survey campaign settings screenshot

Select the number from which you want to send the message.

Select campaign type (subscription or non-subscription).

Create campaign keyword.
Keyword must be memorable and relevant to the topic. E.g: HAPPYMEAL

Write a welcoming message. E.g: Thank you for visiting Happy Meal and welcome to our survey. Complete this 5 question survey and get FREE coffee.

Create a confirmation message.
The confirmation message is the message customers will receive after completing the survey. E.g: Thank you for filling our survey. We hope you enjoyed your meal. Show this message to waiter/waitress to get you free coffee.

STEP 3: Create Questions for Survey

Restaurant survey campaign question options screeshot

Select and add questions to your survey. After customization of each question click save. Currently, there are 5 types of questions available.

Dichotomous (Yes/No, True/False, etc.)
Example: Is this your first meal in Happy Meal?  (Y=Yes, N=No)

Multiple Choice – Select One
Example: What kind of alcoholic drink(s) do you prefer?

Multiple Choice – Select Many
Example: What kind of alcoholic drink(s) do you prefer?  (W1=Wine, V=Vodka, B=Brandy, W2=Whiskey, C=Cahmpagne, O=Other, respond W1 or W1, V, B, W2, C)

Likert Scale – (A=Excellent, E=Poor or 7=Agree, 1=Disagree)
Example: How would you rank the quality of the service you received? (5=Excellent, 1=Poor)

Open Ended
Example: Tell us more about your experience… (Reply N to skip)

STEP 4: Preview, Launch, Test

After saving the campaign you can preview and launch it. Test the campaign before starting to ask your audience to respond to it.

STEP 5: Distribute

Start distribute you message to your audience. It is up to you how to deliver the campaign keyword to the particular audience.

STEP 6: Analyze

Go to statistics dashboard click on Analytics button from the upper right dropdown menu.

Survey analytics button highlight screenshot

Select the campaign you want to analyze. You can track survey results  in a real-time mode as well.

Campaign analytics selection highlight screenshot


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