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Text message coupons allow customers to keep all of their cost-cutting materials in one convenient place, and access them with the swipe of a screen. Paper coupons are either delivered by mail or handed to customers. Both methods require higher overhead costs, and are no more effective in reaching customers than are text message coupons. Through SMS coupon campaigns you can generate unique coupon code for each customer and integrate it with your sales software for further tracking.

STEP 1: Login to Your Account

Login to your account and click ‘Create Campaign’ on upper right corner of the dashboard and select ‘Coupon’.

create an sms campaign screenshot

STEP 2: Setup Your Coupon Campaign

Select the number from which you want to send the message.

select campaign number to send the vote message

Select campaign type (subscription or non-subscription).

select subscription type

First write campaign name.

Then create campaign keyword. Keyword must be memorable and relevant to the topic. E.g: DELIVERNOW

Set the number of coupon codes to generate. This will help to generate a unique coupon code for each customer.

setup sms oupon campaign

Write the text message. E.g: Your FREE delivery coupon code is: [CODE] Info & Contact: STOP to stop.

STEP 5: Preview, Launch, Test

After saving the campaign you can preview and launch it. Test the campaign before delivering the materials containing coupon info to your audience.

STEP 6: Distribute

Start distribute you message to your audience. It is up to you how to deliver the campaign keyword to particular audience.

STEP 7: Analyze

Go to statistics dashboard click on Analytics button under upper right dropdown menu.

Survey analytics button highlight screenshot

Select the campaign you want to analyze.

Campaign analytics selection highlight screenshot


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