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Canada’s most disruptive direct response marketing platform now helps companies to create better mobile marketing lists and be compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam regulation requirements.

TTAG Systems Corporation announced an immediate availability of the CASL Compliance Module for textLab Pro – its flagship direct response marketing platform that enables companies to create subscription-based direct response marketing campaigns via text, voice and NFC, to help Canadian businesses to communicate with their customers without breaking the law.

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) came into effect July 1, 2014, paving the way for stricter communication practices for Canadian marketers. As a result of the bill, new rules of engagement have been added, requiring changes in the way companies receive consent and communicate with their customers.

“The most difficult part in being CASL compliant is setting up an accurate, real-time storage system that allows companies to prove each and every address to which communication is being sent is an opt-in”, says Derek Lackey, President of Direct Marketing Association of Canada and author of CASL Compliance: A Marketers Guide to Email Marketing to Canadians. “Having an automated CASL Compliance already been taken care of in a mobile marketing and messaging software is a big relief for marketers.”

The recordkeeping add-on provides fully automated audit trail to its omnichannel subscription campaigns securely storing the consent sources, opt-in dates and detailed subscriber communication history. The marketers will also benefit from automatically suggested CASL compliant opt-in messages for subscription campaigns and dedicated company web page providing relevant information to customers as prescribed by law.

“CASL doesn’t mean an end of commercial messaging. It means a fresh start and more responsible communication strategies.” says Armen Matosyan, Chief Innovation Officer at TTAG Systems. “If a proper recordkeeping is in place, companies can stop stressing about the compliance challenges.”

The CASL Compliance Module is available as an add-on to TextLab Pro or can be integrated into any custom enterprise system as a standalone application. For more information on the compliance module, please visit the product feature page.

Proudly made in Canada, textLab is the only direct response marketing platform that allows enterprises to create intelligent one-to-one conversations with their audience in minutes by choosing from over 9 interactive voice, MMS or SMS marketing campaigns while gathering business insights and building Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) compliant mobile marketing lists. To learn more about textLab’s CASL compliance module companies can please visit the features page.


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