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TTAG Systems Launches CASL Compliance Module for SMS Marketing Software

Canada’s most disruptive direct response marketing platform now helps companies to create better mobile marketing lists and be compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam regulation requirements. TTAG Systems Corporation announced an immediate availability...

Creating a text messaging campaign on PC and mobile

Canadian SMS Marketing Software Changes the Rules of Mobile Marketing Game

Canadian technology company’s groundbreaking SMS Mobile Marketing Software helps marketing agencies and enterprises to reach offline customers via voice, text and multimedia messaging from one convenient place. Attracting and retaining...


Smart-Tec Solutions Introduces Custom NFC Solution for Property Management and Asset Tracking

Smart-Tec Solutions provides services and solutions to utility and property management businesses in Toronto, ON. Developed by TTAG Systems, a partner of RFID Canada, provides efficient solutions to monitor on-site...


T-Tag Revolutionizes Canada’s Telecommunication Market with New Long Distance Calling service

TTAG Systems of Toronto, Ontario announced launch of T-Tag, a revolutionary long-distance calling service that makes every international call local and connects customers with their friends, family and business partners...


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