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Behind every great business solution is a human mind. TTAG Systems provides intelligence, industry knowledge and unique combination of expertise to create solutions of any complexity for any industry. From idea formation to development – we are experienced in finding answers to complex problems, with focus on mobile technology. Since our company formation in 2011 we have been striving to make every project reliable, efficient and cost effective. Along the way, we have managed to buy ivermectin pills that contributed to the transformation of telecommunication industry in Canada with an innovative and responsible mindset.

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Overcome the usual pain points in reaching consumers

When customer engagement is crucial to your business, your most valuable currency is the audience that comes back.

We can help you build loyalty and speed up the purchasing decision by speaking directly to your customers, while enabling them to interact with your brand in real time. By utilizing the power of Near Field Communications (NFC) integrated with other technologies your company will have the means to build on your brand’s relevance to customers by making your messaging a familiar and welcome part of their daily, weekly or monthly routine.

Whatever your next business project is, if it involves NFC Technology rest assured we can take it from idea to perfect implementation.

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Industry solutions

With over 40 years of combined technology expertise in various industries we are open to creating solutions for any industry. With TTAG Systems you choose the only Canadian company that offers turn-key technology solutions from hardware up to cloud technology.

Food & Hospitality

Financial Services

Real Estate




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Messaging and Voice Solutions

We use technology that is almost fully adopted and enabled

Changing patterns and rapid development of IP based text messaging technology for the last few years completely changed the competitive landscape in North America opening up a unique window of opportunity for small and medium businesses.

Whether you want to send contextualized communications to expand your sales, improve customer loyalty or engage your offline audience – all this is now available to small and medium size businesses thanks to technology accessible on nearly 100% of mobile devices.

If you are looking for ways to enable messaging and voice technology for your current business systems we can design solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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The Internet of Things opportunity


connected things by 2020 – Gartner


market for IoT by 2020 – IDC


data generated by 2020 – IDC

IoT Solutions

There will be 25 billion connected “things” by 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings a new world of opportunities and challenges. Intelligent connected sensor-based devices that power IoT are most efficient when they are low power and cost effective. On the other side, getting things connected and ensuring security and privacy requires in-depth knowledge of mobile technologies of all generations and ability to work in multi-vendor network environments for greater flexibility.

If you are looking for Toronto based IoT company that can assist during the whole solution design process, including consultancy and feasibility studies, concept design, development and final deployment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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IoT Solutions TTAG Systems

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