Exit Polling via Text Messaging
How our text message polling feature made it easier for a political party to conduct live polling.
Executive Summary

Our client, a political party, used our ‘Polling’ feature to conduct polls in different parts of the country. They sought to collect information to better understand the needs and interests of their constituents by conducting informal polling. Their overall goal was to engage voters in elections polling through an effective, efficient method. Utilizing our Polling feature at certain high-traffic engagement points allowed them to receive on-site SMS feedback from their constituents.

  • Creating a system which encouraged voters to opt-in to receiving communications, and in turn send text messages to those voters explicitly expressing their intention to participate in the poll.
  • Avoiding sending SPAM or unwanted messages to voters.
How the Product Helped
  • The product helped create efficient engagement points in high-traffic areas to engage people to participate in polls.
  • Created a fast, reliable messaging system that allowed our client to conduct polls in a more convenient way. The client could receive direct responses from constituents via SMS, results which could be analyzed via real-time analytics.
  • By receiving more responses to their polls, they came to better understand their constituents and better represent them.
  • Increased the number of targeted poll responses, thus increasing the accuracy of their polls.
  • Gained a better understanding of their constituents in order to better serve them.
  • Reduced instances of voters receiving unwanted message communications.