Gathering Employee Opinion with text
How audience response systems helped to gather employee feedback and cut costs
Executive Summary

Our client, one of the biggest financial institutions in Canada, decided it was time to change the live survey hardware system it had been using to collect feedback from customers. Using hardware to conduct surveys was expensive, inflexible and inconvenient for participants. They decided to replace it with an entirely software-based text messaging survey system. The end goal was to minimize expenses by reducing hardware overhead costs as well as make the survey process easier and faster.

  • The existing hardware required regular maintenance and storage, which led to bloating overhead.
  • The hardware system was inconvenient for users (it required the hardware to be physically given to each participant before their taking the survey and then collecting it after the event).
  • Hardware was needlessly costly in comparison to a text messaging system.
How the Product Helped
  • Created a custom solution for the company, allowing it to send text messages and collect feedback through a single software program.
  • Made the process more convenient and efficient by making it much easier for participants to provide feedback.
  • Slashed expenses by replacing expensive hardware which came with maintenance and storage costs.
  • Reduced costs by eliminating hardware and replacing it with an entirely software-based system that didn’t require any maintenance.
  • Saved time throughout the survey process, reducing employees’ time away from work.