Apparel Store New Arrivals Notification
How our solution helped a store notify customers about new arrivals, promotions and discounts.
Executive Summary

Our client was a local apparel chain with multiple stores around Toronto. While they had built a loyal customer base, they were facing difficulties notifying their customers about newly-arrived products and promotions. Their goal was to maximize sales by communicating more directly with customers about new arrivals, discounts and promotions.

  • The store‚Äôs existing online communication system was relatively ineffective due to low email open rates and poor social media exposure.
  • Even loyal customers usually chose not to opt-in to receiving newsletters and coupons by filling out long forms while in the store. An easier method for opting in was needed.
  • Customers usually had no interest in receiving or using paper coupons.
How the Product Helped
  • Created an effective in-store engagement point that successfully encouraged customers to opt-in to receive text message notifications about discounts, promotions and new product arrivals.
  • Created a unique new channel that enabled more effective communication with new and existing customers. SMS messaging allows customers to quickly and conveniently subscribe to receive information from the store. The new channel also allows the store to send coupons to customers via text message, making their promotions more attractive and thereby increasing sales.
  • Increased the rate of in-store opt-ins to receiving SMS communications from the store.
  • Increase in sales and therefore a higher return-on-investment.
  • Increase in visits to the store due to more effectively notifying customers about discounts, promotions and new arrivals.