Simple Account Management without Apps
How ttag used text messaging to enhance user experience and increase revenue.
Executive Summary

ttagTM is a Canadian one-touch calling card replacement solution allowing customers to connect with their friends, family and business partners abroad at great savings. ttag’s goal was to make their services as convenient as possible to use by integrating web and text messaging solutions. By creating a custom SMS solution for ttagTM it became possible for customers to manage their accounts by not only logging into their web accounts but also through simple messaging. The custom solution helped to enhance user experience as it helped to add new phone numbers, receive information and refer a friend without the need of an internet access.

  • Customers had to have an access to the internet to be able to recharge their account or check a balance.
  • Referral program needed additional communication channels to improve its performance.
How the Product Helped
  • Created a feature allowing customers to check their balance by simple texting B to assigned number. It pulls data from the account and gives information only to the phone number(s) registered for that particular account.
  • Created a feature allowing adding new phone numbers to ‘My ttags’ section by texting the number and the name of people you want to call. By sending necessary information, customers receive a confirmation and the local ttag number through which they can call with one touch.
  • As ttag is famous with its rewarding referral programs it was appropriate to create a feature which will help ttag family members to share their experience with their friends through simple SMS and get rewards for every sign-up they referred.
  • We’ve created a unique customer experience that sets ttag apart from the competition.
  • Decreased the time gap between balance ending and recharging.
  • Increased the revenue by making calling more convenient for customers with no internet access.
  • Increased sign-ups through referral channel by 27%