Event planning through text messaging
avatarBy Vahagn Aydinyan

Texting is incredibly convenient for so many things, so why not leverage it for event planning? You’ll find it’s one of the easier ways to get information from people quickly, and you’ll have it all in one place where you can analyze it efficiently.

Attendance Projection

If you can text your potential attendees, you can have them RSVP that way. Sometimes it’s tedious to play telephone tag when returning a phone call simply to confirm attendance and emails tend to get lost in the volume of correspondence a person gets in a day. With a text messaging event organizer, you can keep track of who’s coming, who’s not and who’s marked as a maybe. It takes invitees just seconds to text back their answer and give you an idea of how many people you can plan for your event.

Customized Preferences

You know how to set up a stellar event, but you also know how challenging it can be to coordinate for everyone’s particular taste. Once you’ve got your RSVP list, it’s easy to text message your attendees about their preferences. Anything that’s important to know, you can conduct a survey for; food choices and allergies, accommodations that need to be made if special guests have certain requests.

Identifying Interests

Sometimes it’s hard to predict what a certain group will like. If you’re planning certain activities or events, it’s easy to send out a quick text message survey to get a feel for the crowd’s reaction. It’s especially useful if you’re planning something elaborate and expensive, so you know whether or not your efforts are well-spent. Even if you’re confident in your event’s activities, it’s always reassuring to take the temperature of a group or even get some inspiration on other activities that’ll make for a promising event.

Collecting Feedback for the Next Event

Now that you’ve pulled off a successful, memorable event, you can use that data you’ve gathered to improve future events. That ice sculpture wasn’t as big a hit? Nix it. Was the catering satisfying? Move them to the top of the list. You can even have attendees text their opinions during the event, so you can react in real time to any concerns they have. It’s also a great way to get leads for future events and build a list of future attendees.


Handling the logistics of an event can be an annoyance, from getting timely RSVPs to seating preference and activities. Using a text message event organizer helps to keep tabs on these aspects of your planning. Important information can be sent and received in a snap and stored all in one place that you can refer to at a glance to help make your event the best that it can be.

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