Executive Summary

At www.ttag.ca we offer Canadians a new affordable way to make long distance calls, without costly phone plans and cumbersome calling cards.

Recognizing a viable target market, we’ve decided to do a direct a marketing campaign toward ethnic students and new immigrants with families abroad. The campaign encouraged customers to call their moms, using a free $2.00 welcome credit given to every new customer. We’ve placed ads promoting the “Call Mom” theme on TTC buses.

After recognizing several challenges with the initial strategy, we’ve created a custom SMS and voice campaign which allowed us to sign up customers right on the bus. This interactive marketing provided measurable tracking of our offline campaign and supplied customer metrics traceable through their lifetime with us.

call mom sms marketing campaign banner by ttag systems

Questionable ROI. Is this the best place for our marketing dollars? How many people view the ads on the bus? How many viewers take action?

No measurable results. We had no way to know if new sign-ups were a result of TTC display ads or from campaigns running in other media.

Low conversion rate. Customers without data-enabled mobile phones (our target market) might not remember our website after leaving the bus.

Call to action lag time. Customers are not likely to remember us by the time they get home. Remarketing would not be possible without information on who viewed the ad.

Tackling the challenges

To engage customers on the spot we’ve decided to integrate custom text message marketing campaign into TTC interior ads, creating immediate action and allowing customers to text and call their moms for free, right from the bus.

call mom sms marketing campaign banner by ttag systems

Through this mobile marketing concept, potential customers experienced the quality and convenience of ttag and connected with their loved one. We have designed a custom intelligent text messaging campaign that was able to send text messages, receive responses from bus riders, analyze them, and text back based on various scenarios, developing engaging and measurable marketing results.


As a result of enriching the regular offline display ad with custom text message marketing campaigns we have been able to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Signed-up customers for our service right on the TTC bus.
  2. Created unique customer experience for our services at the point of impact with the customers.
  3. Measured actual number of customers who interacted with our ads, including activity date and time, along with mobile numbers.
  4. Traced the offline conversions throughout their lifetime, including signups, first payments and overall customer lifecycle.
  5. Understood CPCA (Cost Per Customer Acquisition) for our offline campaign comparing it with the impression numbers provided by the advertising agency.
  6. Increased traffic to www.ttag.ca through www.callmom.ca by 27% via mobile devices.
  • Client www.ttag.ca
  • Date February 2014
  • Categories Long Distance Services
  • Campaign Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Technology Used: SMS/Voice/Web
  • SMS Marketing Software: textLabTM
  • SMS Campaign Type: Custom