Smart-Tec Solutions Introduces Custom NFC Solution for Property Management and Asset Tracking

Smart-Tec Solutions provides services and solutions to utility and property management businesses in Toronto, ON. Developed by TTAG Systems, a partner of RFID Canada, provides efficient solutions to monitor on-site...

  • Toronto, ON
  • November 18, 2015

EZ-Tag simplifies long-distance by introducing free text messaging add-on

ttagTM - Canadian one-touch calling card replacement service has announced the launch of EZ-Tag – it’s new free text messaging service that allows customers to manage their accounts on the...


Say Bye to Calling Cards

By TZTA. If you ever made international calls you know the hassle of using calling cards. First you have to go to a store to buy a paper card, dial...


T-Tag Revolutionizes Canada’s Telecommunication Market with New Long Distance Calling service

TTAG Systems of Toronto, Ontario announced launch of T-Tag, a revolutionary long-distance calling service that makes every international call local and connects customers with their friends, family and business partners...

ttag webpage first version

T-Tag Systems Gives You Savings on Long Distance Calls

By If you ever make long distance calls or use those annoying calling cards – you understand how troublesome the process and workflow can be. From finding an appropriate...

Cuba promotion 2014

Save on Long Distance Calls With Toronto's T-Tag Systems

By Andrea Wahbe on Tech-Vibes. If you make a lot of long distance calls to friends, business partners and family overseas, then you might want to check out Toronto-based startup...


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